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The Holidays are just around the corner!

With the holidays, comes cold weather, rain and lots of shopping!  There are some tips to help make these times trouble free, and more enjoyable with the shopping part. Cars: -Check your tires, is it time for replacements?  Worn out tires could cause less traction in the wet rainy weather, and are also more prone […]


If you have heard that sentence then you know the difficulty of finding Home insurance that will accept your home, let alone give you an affordable rate.  There are many insurance companies doing business in California and their guidelines are not all the same.  If you are denied home insurance by multiple companies it does […]

Trailer and Toy hauler insurance FAQ!

1.       Do I need to insure my trailer / toy hauler? A:  If your trailer or toy hauler is financed, most finance companies will require that you carry comprehensive and collision coverage to help protect their interest.  Liability is not required in most states, as the primary coverage from your auto insurance will provide coverage […]

Discounts: How can I save more money?

1. Good Driver: Up to 20%, this is one of the biggest discounts you can qualify for. You cannot have more than 1 point on your record, so it pays to have a good driving history.  Your record is generally checked on each renewal period and the discount applied. 2. Multi Policy: By combining your […]

How much liability should I have?

You can never go wrong with having higher limits of protection.  Let’s look at liability a little deeper.  The minimum limits required for auto insurance in California is: $15,000 bodily injury per person / $30,000 bodily injury per occurrence / $5,000 property damage. Many people make the mistake of settling for the basic liability limits […]

Do you have an Agent?

     Actors and Professional Athletes have agents that represent them in their business dealings.  So why shouldn’t you have an agent that represents and advises you on your insurance needs.  An Agent is a professional who analyzes their customer’s needs and advises them on the best course of action.      When it comes to insurance, […]

Tips To Protect Your Home

TIPS TO PROTECT YOUR HOME If you own your home, homeowners insurance is definitely something you don’t want to be without. It is also a type of coverage that you hope to never need to use.  The following are some tips to help protect your home from burglars / thieves.  -Keep your home well lit […]