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The Holidays are just around the corner!

With the holidays, comes cold weather, rain and lots of shopping!  There are some tips to help make these times trouble free, and more enjoyable with the shopping part.


-Check your tires, is it time for replacements?  Worn out tires could cause less traction in the wet rainy weather, and are also more prone to flats, which are definitely no fun in the rain and cold weather.

-Keep gifts, valuables and shopping bags out of sight.  While you are in the mall enjoying some shopping… there are some that are going through the parking lot, doing their own shopping.  Unfortunately their type of shopping includes a broken window for you and stolen goods.

-Do you have roadside service?  Now is a good time to consider adding that coverage.  Changing a flat is never any fun, and it is less fun doing it in the rain and cold weather.  Sometimes the coverage could be as low as $1 per month when combined with your auto policy.



-Check and clear any debris from your rain gutters.  With winter coming after fall, there is a good chance that some leaves and debris have made their way into your gutters.  It is best to have these cleared so that the rain can drain off your roof, straight through your gutters.

-How is your roof?  When was the last time you have inspected your greatest protection from the outside elements.  We all love having a roof over our heads, but a leaky roof could cause a lot of headaches. Fix and replace any broken tiles or shingles to help avoid any unwanted leaks and problems.

-Do you have a fire extinguisher handy?  These are a great asset to help protect your home.  Christmas tree fires are a high risk during the holidays.  This is cheap insurance to have around your home, and they can be found at your local hardware store.

-Keep your blinds or shutters closed when you are away from your home.  Unfortunately thefts are more common during the holiday times, due to thieves knowing there is a good chance that there are presents in the home, which makes it an easy task for them.   Keep your doors locked, and presents out of direct sight.  Now could be a good time to consider a home alarm, which can also earn you a significant discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy.


We at Preferred Insurance hope that you enjoy your winter season, and coming holidays.  You can always contact us with any questions you may have regarding any of your insurance needs.