Preferred Insurance

Discounts: How can I save more money?

1. Good Driver: Up to 20%, this is one of the biggest discounts you can qualify for. You cannot have more than 1 point on your record, so it pays to have a good driving history.  Your record is generally checked on each renewal period and the discount applied.

2. Multi Policy: By combining your auto & home insurance you can save as much as 15%. Insurance companies want to earn your business and they reward you when you have more than one policy with them.  It’s easy to package you policies, we can do it all for you. Just provide us the information and we will do the rest.  The discount also applies to Renters insurance and Motorcycle Insurance.  So if you rent you can still apply for this discount.

3. Association: Are you a college graduate? Are you an educator, engineer, doctor? If so you can save up to an additional 7%.  You worked hard for your professional designation, now let it work for you by saving you some money.  Submitting your degree or proof of membership in a professional field can save you money.  Contact us to see if your job qualifies you for a discount.

4. Good Student:  Good student can save up to an additional 10%.  If you are under 25 and are attending school full time and have at least a 3.0 GPA you qualify for the discount.  This can help you save money especially if you have a young driver on your policy.


If you have any questions about these discounts or you want to see if you qualify for one, please feel free to contact us.