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Life insurance and why you should have it!

The big WHAT IF?

It is something that nobody likes to talk about, and the conversation could be an awkward one… But, what If today was your last?  After asking all the other questions, such as “did you live your life to the fullest” and so on, comes the tough question of, did you have a plan? What are your loved ones left with? Who is going to care for your family or children?

If you haven’t caught on to it by now, we are talking about life insurance.  It is a touchy subject, but it can make the difference of how your family recovers after a loss.  Term life insurance is generally an inexpensive way to protect your family and loved ones in that situation.  These types of policies can help take care of any bills or mortgages left behind, and even college costs.

Term life insurance policies are pretty straight forward.  You pick a term, generally between 10-30 years.  This is the term set forth for the policy coverage period, meaning if you buy a 20yr term at the age of 20… it will cover you until you are 40 years old. Then you have the coverage amount, which can range drastically… but the most common being between 250K-500K.  Most companies will do a basic review/ exam to determine your rate.  Term life insurance policies are usually much cheaper than other types of life insurance.


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