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Home Insurance Dwelling Value! do you have enough coverage?

For the past 8-10 years home values have been on a rollercoaster ride, going up then down and now they seem like on their way up again!  How does this affect your coverage on your homeowners insurance?  The value of the sales price of a home has no connection to what it actually cost to build your home.  Homes that are being bought in the last 2 years are actually being covered on insurance for more than what the house was bought for.  The reason being is that there are many things that insurance companies factor into the value of the home in case of a total loss.  You have demolition, clean up, plans that have to be drawn and so on.  All this goes into the dwelling value, so it is important for you to review your coverage every year and make sure you have adequate coverage.  If you are unsure you can give us a call and we can evaluate the range your dwelling limits should be at no cost to you.  Stay on top of your home insurance coverage, it’s usually the biggest asset that we have.