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If you have heard that sentence then you know the difficulty of finding Home insurance that will accept your home, let alone give you an affordable rate.  There are many insurance companies doing business in California and their guidelines are not all the same.  If you are denied home insurance by multiple companies it does not mean that you are uninsurable.  We will go over what brush means to Homeowners insurance and what insurance coverage choices you have when insuring a home close to brush.

You might be denied insurance coverage due to brush if your home is:

  1. In a forested area.
  2. Close proximity to hills, mountains, or rugged terrain.
  3. Open fields near home that are not maintained


Being located in Riverside, Ca we have come across countless properties that meet the above description.  In general, California’s geography is not flat and many homes are built close to brush hazards.  Some companies have their own software that determines your homes fire risk; others use a mapping tool and require your home to be a certain distance away from this brush hazard.  This could range from 2,000 feet to 250 feet depending on the company.  So it is important to ask why your home is being rejected for brush.  Are all the companies you obtained a quote with requiring 2000 feet of clearance? If so, you simply did not call the right company and you still have options.

Companies that do have a higher tolerance for brush generally charge a higher rate.  This is due to the fact that they are taking on more risk.  It does not mean the price is not affordable.   In a situation where your home is denied coverage with more than 3 companies, you still have the option to get insured with the California fair plan which is sold through your agent.  The California Fair Plan does not provide you the standard coverage that a regular homeowner’s package affords.  This could be corrected by issuing a Difference In Condition (DIC) policy along with the California Fair Plan.

If you are having a difficult time insuring your home due to proximity to brush or your current rates are high, it is important to know that you have options.  Not all company guidelines are the same.  We are here to help you with your Home insurance needs; we can analyze the risk and determine the best option for insurance for your property.

Preferred Insurance Team