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Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured Motorist Bodily injury This coverage is commonly referred to as UM coverage. This coverage is important because even in mandatory insurance states there are still vehicles without insurance coverage at some time during the year. This coverage pays for injuries, up to the coverage limit, caused by a driver who is uninsured. Uninsured motorist property damage This coverage will cover your insured vehicle that is hit by an uninsured motorist driver. If you decide to purchase liability and uninsured motorist property damage the policy will pay up to $3,500 for damages caused to your vehicle. If you purchased the Comprehensive and Collision coverage for your vehicle uninsured motorist property damage will waive your deductible if an uninsured driver hits you. IN ORDER TO PURCHASE UNINSURED MOTORIST PROPERTY DAMAGE YOU MUST ALSO PURCHASE THE UNINSURED MOTORIST BODILY INJURY.